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“This shop has been a clothing store for years, but only Mardell for the past two, when we came on board. We have all worked locally in retail for a number of years; Tracey at Richmond/Cachet, Bernie at Jeans Jones/Cachet and Leigh came from Silks. We enjoy working with clothing and we also love to shop!

Mardell clothing is made and manufactured in New Zealand. The Mardell label was originally started in 1981 by Neil and Anne Mardell, who met while studying an apparel diploma. They had a love of fine fabrics, garment construction, print, colour and high quality knitwear. The focus is on using natural and sustainable textiles where possible, and their designs are timeless and wearable. They now have Mardell stores in Parnell and Mt Eden as well as Howick Village; and stockists nationwide.

Having local manufacturing was beneficial for us during COVID, and we were fortunate that many people got behind that local aspect and supported us. We are really appreciative of that.

When customers come in, we know how to help them and are honest with our suggestions. We’ll never say something looks good on someone when it doesn’t and we’ll always try to find something better. We pride ourselves on offering service here – an old school one – and will always help as much as we can to make our customers feel really at home.

It’s nice that we have a village atmosphere here with a good variety of shops. Howick is becoming quite a destination and we’re seeing people visit from all over Auckland. We have a lot of fun working here and we’re good friends with each other and our customers. We laugh a lot and just love life!

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