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Become a HVA Member

What we do

The Howick Village Association is first and foremost a stand-alone incorporated society and not-for-profit organisation.

It is the vehicle through which Auckland Council, and prior to them, Manukau City Council, implement the BID (Business Improvement District) programme in East Auckland.

HVA was invited to participate as a BID (Business Improvement District) in 2006 and on acceptance, is tasked with driving economic development in Howick Village, in terms of Auckland Council BID Policy 2016.

The aims and purposes of the HVA are outlined in our constitution and we would be following those even if we were not a BID. The BID presence provides us with the funds to more successfully implement those economic development activities.
The BID district covers the commercial and retail areas of Picton Street, Uxbridge Road, Cook Street, Moore Street, Fencible Drive (excluding the Terraces development) and Wellington Street. Its membership stands at approximately 210 businesses and 81 landlords, with additional associate memberships.

Building owners and businesses within this boundary are charged a special levy (targeted rate) which is collected by Auckland Council Rates and passed back to the Howick Village Association to provide money for promotions and economic development.

What are our key objectives?

The key objects of the HVA are:

Assist and guide the development and advancement of the commercial interests of business people and businesses in the Howick Village through a coordinated, structured and measurable communications, marketing and economic development programme.

To foster and promote the welfare of the business community of Howick Village and, in particular, to provide a forum for networking and collaboration of members and sharing of information.

To improve the environment of the Howick Village so as to attract and retain business in order to drive employment and economic growth.

To capitalise on the unique assets and profile of the Howick Village and to use that as a means of establishing an identity and positioning for the area.

To make arrangements with and/or advocate to the Government, local authorities and/or persons, corporations or associations for the improvement of amenity, streetscapes, utilities, transport, services or other infrastructure, and for lighting, surfacing, security and cleaning to the benefit of the Howick Village.

What are the benefits of being a member?

Benefits of being a member of HVA:

Advocacy for town centre improvements to Auckland Council, Howick Local Board, Police etc.

Economic development and events to promote business in the Village.

Web and Social media platforms including member newsletters.

Provide networking opportunities for members.

Work to a collaborative Business Plan and 10 year Strategic Plan, in alignment with the Howick Village Business Association Constitution.

Howick Village blends an historic yet modern environment. It is famous for its regular events and calendar of great promotions.

Our iconic weekly Saturday morning markets put Howick Village on the map in the wider Auckland Region and the variety of shops and events create a great village atmosphere. Individual, owner-operated stores, and numerous cafes and restaurants, offer friendly service and the easy, free car parking is a bonus.

Additional Information

For more information on Howick Village Association (HVA) operating under Auckland Council BID programme – refer to the Companies Office website

Other website links for information on the Auckland Council BID programme and Bid-Policy

The Howick Village Association executive committee meet monthly. Contact manager@howickvillage.co.nz for more information or enquiries

Our Annual General Meeting information will be posted on our website two months prior to the meeting date – usually scheduled for October/November each year.  All members are invited to attend.

The HVA BID programme recognises BID affiliates, those who pay the BID targeted rate either directly as a business ratepayer or property owner, or indirectly as a business owner/tenant, located within the Howick Village Association BID boundary area. These businesses or property owners are encouraged to register as a full member of our association or as an associate member. Please contact manager@howickvillage.co.nz for more information.

Auckland Council applies the HVA BID targeted rate which is collected from the ratepayers/property owners within the Howick Village BID boundary area. A BID targeted rate mechanism for calculating the BID targeted rate can be viewed on the following link –https://www.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/property-rates-valuations/pages/find-property-rates-valuation.aspx

How do I become a member of HVA?

Howick Village Association offers full membership to businesses within our Business Improvement District map and welcomes associate membership to businesses located outside of the area.

For details, please contact manager@howickvillage.co.nz.
Please see the following map for our Business Improvement District boundaries.