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Kent Morgan Jewellery

I’ve been in the Howick area since 2013 – I took a chance – and so far, so good!

It’s a cool little village; there is a mix of cultures and age groups and I just really enjoy it. It’s the small support that matters here – when I say small, I mean that everybody gels. I believe competition is good, it puts you back on your toes, and it makes you rethink your business too!

Wedding and engagements are my speciality because it’s what I focus on and love doing, and I also enjoy creating unique pieces. I’ve made a lot of asymmetric and different designs using big stones, small stones, colours – blacks, whites, blues, purples, whatever! At heart I’m a traditionalist, but you need those good skills to be able to create the more unique pieces well.

There is a process I go through with my clients. At our first meeting I get an idea of what the client would want; they often bring images of what they have in mind, or perhaps they have an old piece of jewellery they want to remodel. I’ll put a couple of new concept sketches together, and then go back and do some basic colour renderings to scale, and well look at those in more detail.

If they decide to go ahead, I’ll do a computer rendering in 3D so they can see exactly what they’re going to get (it’s in colour and it looks like a piece of jewellery) before we will head to manufacture.  I can hand make the piece from scratch, or I can use a casting method which has recently become more popular, where elements are cast in either gold or platinum. I then clean up each component, assemble it and make it look amazing. The diamonds or gemstones are then set in place and I give the piece a final polish, making sure that my level of work is of the highest quality.

I’m in control each step of the way, right from the initial consultation to the handover and it’s all done in-house, by me.

I can get in a whole array of stones with different sizes and different shades of blues, greens or any colour they’d like – even diamonds! I get diamonds in different sizes, colours, clarities, and different cuts: squares, rounds, pears, and our clients can choose.

I use all local suppliers; I prefer to support a little, small company where they’re going to spend the money to buy Jimmy and Susie new ballet clothes, or a new bike or something they might need for school. I support the locals and am a strong believer in keeping the money in the country. It’s just a circle really; if I keep the money in the country, then it eventually circles back around.

I like to say, set your standards, and always try and beat them. I try to get it perfect, and although no one is perfect, you can at least aim for it. I guess that is one of the big things I try to do in life.”

Find me in the Cleave House Building above the Hospice Shop just through the Rices Mall walkway. Studio 4, 61 Picton Street, 09 216 0386

Come on in and let’s get creative.

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